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Jane Smith
123 Main Street
Anytown, USA 01234
Dear Jane,

We appreciate and embrace the opportunity to partner with so many generous and socially conscious salons across the nation.

Brides Across America ™ is committed to our mission to support military brides. In order to maintain our high standards of quality and service our message needs to be consistent and embraced by all our bridal salon hosts.

Below is a list of guidelines that will keep our message consistent and accomplish our mission.

BAA Name & Logo Use:

Operation Wedding Gown Guidelines:

Post Event Follow Up:

By registering to host a Brides Across America event you have agreed to comply with the aforementioned event policies and procedures.

Salon Owner/Manager X_________________________________Date____________

Thank you for your continued support.


Heidi Janson

Heidi Janson
Founder & CEO
Brides Across America

Heidi Janson
Heidi Janson
CEO & Founder
Brides Across America
Brides Across America, Inc.     362 N Main Street Andover, MA 01810  
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